5 thoughts on “Sagan, Einstein, Vespa”

  1. The McCabes checked out the entire Cosmos series on DVD from the Portland library a few months ago. We watched it most nights for a few weeks. I don’t think our seven-year-old got too much of it but it was good stuff, even for her. I ate it up. I remember watching it way back in the eighties too. There should be a church of Carl Sagan. He’d of course hate that but more people should be exposed to this series. (That and Star Trek!)

    Why aren’t there more shows like this on TV anymore? My conclusion is that the world is fecked because no one seems to care about the big picture of how we fit into the universe anymore. It’s almost like it’s taboo now to talk about science anymore.

    Yeah, relativity explained on a Vespa! For a scooter enthusiast thats life, the universe and everything! Is Carl riding a Bianchi bicycle? That would make it even more Piaggio related. See you in the future Paolo.

  2. The Discovery Channel and TLC both seemed to have the potential for becoming carriers of such good material. But then choppers, sharks and now jurasic fight clubs have taken over along with other crap and quality is once again relegated to PBS and their own sliding scale of quality.

  3. That “Planet Earth” show was certainly well-done, if not quite as cerebral as “Cosmos.”

    John McCain, on Barack Obama’s earmark requests (including one to replace the 40-year-old projector at the Adler Planetarium in Chicago):

    “That’s nearly a million (dollars) every day, every working day he’s been in Congress,” McCain said. “And when you look at some of the planetariums and other foolishness that he asked for, he shouldn’t be saying anything about Governor Palin.”

    If it can’t kill a-rabs, it ain’t science.

    Education is the ONLY solution to the worlds problems, but conservatives and religious fanatics find it easier to manipulate uneducated people, so it’s hardly a priority.

  4. McCain is just pissed that his favorite science museum canceled “Laser Light Abba.”

  5. Classic! I remember seeing this when I was a kid. It is a part of what started my love for Vespa!

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