Scooter vs. Car

Scooter vs Car (might be disturbing for some viewers). No idea if it’s real or staged or what. The video quality is good and (fingers crossed) the scooterist looks like it may be a dummy, so I’m guessing it’s a commercial or safety training video or something, but it really gets the point across: No matter how careful you are, sometimes the other guy just isn’t following the rules. (Thanks for the link, Steve from Andretti/Benelli)

2 thoughts on “Scooter vs. Car”

  1. Oh, yeah this is real. Happened in Taiwan. The scooterist is not a dummy; you’ll see him moving at the end. I included this in a post on Scootin’ Old Skool last year and I believe it still holds the record for most views in a day.

    Something a lot of folks don’t realize is the speed with which a traffic accident occurs. In a car, the airbag is not a fluffy pillow, it’s an explosive device that inflates in microseconds and deflates almost as quickly. What probably saved the scooterist is the way he bounced off the car’s roof and hood before he hit the ground. Those surfaces will give, pavement will not.

    Notice too, the car ran the red light…

  2. I don’t think it was staged. The man running towards the scene appeared to be a traffic policeman in Taiwan.

    People tell me that traffic has really worsened since I left Taiwan 20 some years ago. Red lights mean very little there. Motorists barely slow down a bit, look both ways, and then just run through them. Apparently, some Taiwanese really hate to stop for signals; instead they favor “the flow”, like the Taoist saying,”stagnant water stinks” Visitors have said, while in Taiwan, leave the driving to the cab drivers. Get in, close your eyes and don’t open them until you’ve reached the destination. Shocking, huh?

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