2 thoughts on “Vespa, Piaggio rentals at EagleRider”

  1. A much better option for rides the rides for those who make it to High Rollers Weekend, sans scooter, than the 50cc Chinese crap some have resorted to in the past! Anyone hear of a similar thing for real scooters though, something with a manual transmission? I doubt I’d ever rent a twister but when out & about I’d rent a PX, Stella, Bajaj, Lammie or vintage vespa in a heart beat! Who’s downs for setting something up or even a “scoot exchange” kinda thing?

  2. Last time we went, we rented Harleys from HD of Las Vegas. I rented a 800-something CC Sportster, and it was kind of fun to try one, just to remind myself why I ride scooters. It was actually a bit more practical for the group rides through the desert, but kind of a drag to ride in stop-and-go traffic.

    They’re a Ducati dealer too, dunno if they rent those.

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