“Casque décoré par 19 cristaux Swarovski”

I’ll give it props for being anti-Troy-Lee, but this has to be one of the ugliest helmets ever. Yes, those are rhinestones. Swarovski rhinestones. Come on, helmet people. Also, their logo looks like “CPA,” so this helmet will identify you as a tasteless certified public accountant.

3 thoughts on ““Casque décoré par 19 cristaux Swarovski””

  1. The more I think about it, without the rhinestones, without the “CPA” logo and top stripe, and without the word “TRENDY” written (in Times!?) in the stripes a couple hundred times, this would be a decent design, though I still wouldn’t buy a US$270 helmet that doesn’t protect my chin and face.

  2. Who in his or her farting mind would wear such an awful looking bling-bling crap?! Oh no, I think Donald Rumsfeld just bought one; or was it Sarah “Lipsticked Pitbull” Pelin.

  3. Same people who buy over priced Vespas will buy this as well. ..and it’s not the conservatives.

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