Blackjack and Eco: more info

An update to the rumors we posted last week: Genuine has photos of the new Buddy Blackjack 150 and Eco 125 on their site. And we have a little more information to talk about.

Looks like the Eco is promising 110 miles per gallon. As we’ve discussed before, the practical difference in fuel savings is pretty marginal once you’re’ve reached 60mpg or so, in this instance the difference between 90mpg (a stock Buddy 125) and 110mpg (the Eco Buddy 125) is less than one cent per mile (.082ยข). If you ride a lot, (3000 miles a year) that’s a whopping $25 per year. Keep in mind that (depending on how they achieved that difference) speed or acceleration might be sacrificed. If if is fuel injected, the performance should be similar, but the reliability of EFI is a much better selling point than the fuel economy (and the color of the bike doesn’t hurt either). The jury’s still out on the Eco.

The Blackjack 150, on the other hand, is fairly exciting. Genuine’s still not talking, but we hear from a good source (who heard it from a good source) that the following upgrades are standard (aside from the great-looking seat* and graphics):

  • NCY front fork
  • NCY front disc brake
  • NCY adjustable rear shock
  • Prima pipe
  • Clutch configuration from the Blur/G-Max

That’s a pretty cool package, and as Eric “Good Source #2” Almendral points out on Modern Buddy, if it’s all factory- and/or dealer-installed and sold as a package, it’s likely covered by a warranty. But then again, it may not be, we’ll see.

*The seat design and floorboard-colored “footpegs” appear to imply that the Blackjack is intended for a solo rider.

Personally? I bought another Blur to replace my stolen Blur, so all I know is there better not be a containerload of new Blurs on the way.

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  1. Good to hear you were able to replace your missing bike, Bb.

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