2 thoughts on “PGO confirms RCV engine program”

  1. The sleeve valve engine is interesting. Cruise around the USPTO or Google Patents and search for odd valve engine tech. It dates back a long time and can be fun to look at the diagrams. But this is not a Wankel rotary engine like the rumors linked to Genuine previously. Regardless, super cool.

  2. Direct link to cited Gizmag article:


    The article from gizmag is from 2 and a half years ago and directly identifies MPI. I can see how it wouldn’t seem so dramatic of an advantage in power if it’s only 20 percent more powerful than the standard air cooled, two valve four stroke engine of the time. Since then I think Yamaha or Honda has tossed in another valve on their LC 4T 50cc engines. I think that they reaped their performance profit in terms of a balance of power and reliability, but one could see the performance gap closing between standard valve 4 stroke 50cc engines and basic two stroke 50cc scooter engines (it’s still not there though!). I wonder if the RCV advantage has been negated and that’s why there’s no rush to production.

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