Daelim shuts down U.S. ops

Word on the BBS is that DaelimUSA has closed their operations. Call us gloomy, but we predict a long winter for many dealers and importers in the oversaturated U.S. scooter market.

Sadly, middle-market Asian manufacturers trying to build a legitimate foothold in the U.S., like Daelim, will likely collapse sooner than the bargain-basement fly-by-night containerload badge-engineers. We were going to call them “Rebadgers,” but that sounds like woodland zombie mustelid. (Thanks for the tip, Matty)

One thought on “Daelim shuts down U.S. ops”

  1. The “bargain-basement fly-by-night containerload badge-engineers” are the cockroaches of the scooter biz, nothing will kill them. I hope the Taiwanese scooter folks can hunker down and survive the long dark night of economy. Let’s hope it doesn’t get as bad as they say…

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