Vino: Street Cred video

Riding With The Best from Race Creative on Vimeo.

A Yamaha Vino marketing video. I don’t know if I buy the idea that the Vino is a direct descendent of Yamaha’s GP bikes, and someone should tell him you can’t really fit a skeezy chick on the back of a GP bike OR a Vino, but it’s a nicely-done piece. Let’s see that paint scheme at dealers! Thanks, Myk!

6 thoughts on “Vino: Street Cred video”

  1. The older two stroke model in the video is if you consider that it was Yamaha who were pioneers the reed valve induction development in grand prix machines. Generally the tubless tires and CDI are other aspects that first appeared in racing machines.

  2. That guy really does live in Burbank. I have seen him riding around on that Vino. He even came by the shop a few times.

  3. Funny that he rides the scooter downhill,
    and the race bike up.

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