“Never a better” timing

We just got a Cycle World International Motorcycle Show postcard here at 2sb HQ. Their slogan this year is “Never a Better Time to Ride,” featuring a gas pump with a dollar sign on it. The dollar sign signifies that a gallon of gas will cost $1 by the time the Chicago show opens. Good call. Needless to say, they’ve scrubbed that image from their website and are working on getting some more ’90s tribal tattoo art to replace it.

In just a couple more years, the motorcycle industry will catch up with the gothic-squiggly-coat-of-arms look that all the Westside Polish gangster kids were rocking two years ago. Go to Target right now and see what everything looks like, that’s what everything motorcycle-related will look like in 2012. Except Troy Lee, he’ll never catch up. I hear there’s a scooter pavillion this year. I hear they’re red-hot.