Baotian’s Vespa knockoff

Chinese manufacturer Baotian unveiled a new scooter pretty clearly influenced by modern Vespa design.

  • That’s plastic bodywork with a tube frame under it all.
  • “Lambretta” (the “Italian” one), Jin Jian, ZNen, FlyScooter, Lance, Milan, and countless others will all be selling this scooter soon.
  • Piaggio, unable to stop China from copying their bikes, will instead launch individual legal campaigns against dozens of importers in dozens of countries, costing the company millions, a cost they will pass on to consumers by marking up color-matched half-helmets another $100 each.

5 thoughts on “Baotian’s Vespa knockoff”

  1. I’m very happy. Not for any schadenfreude, but for the fact that they are now ripping off more well designed scooters. Before, it was like they were copying from the F student on an algebra test. They’ve moved on to looking over the shoulder of the kid who averages a respectably solid B-minus. Good job, China!

  2. Duh! I had a moment of profound stupidity. Ignore my comment above. I should read this stuff when I’m not so distracted at work.

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