Cold Weather, Challenged


Well, the 2008-09 Cold Weather Challenge is officially underway. We came, we saw, we ate kimchi, we froze. It actually snowed a little. Above, a picture of Ron checking out computerized toilets at Super H-Mart. More photos in the 2sb Gallery. Eric posted some photos on Flickr and a video on his site, featuring crazy dancing asian man, which I thought was just a cold-induced hallucination. Thanks for coming, everyone, I’ll have the rules and entry form posted here on 2sb within a couple days, start watching the thermometer and your speedometer. I just made that up.

2 thoughts on “Cold Weather, Challenged”

  1. Korean food seems to be a theme among the 2SB staff. Is there good Korean food in Chicago? There aren’t many options in Portland, but my old home town of Anchorage, Alaska surprisingly had some great restaurants.

    Nothing like piping hot barley tea and grilled-at-your-table pork slathered in chili paste to warm the bones on a dark cold winter night. I love gathering around a hot propane fire and cooking my own food with friends.

    If there was any cuisine in the world that resembled Klingon food, I’d say this is it.

  2. Ah, no propane here, we get a bucket of real wood coals. There’s a decent Korean pop. here, and a neighborhood and all that, but it’s not wildly popular among roundeyes or anything, we just happen to really dig any and all kinds of food, so we end up taking out-of-town guests to our favorite place (I don’t even know the name of it.) Raw meat, fire, and a hundred cups of mystery food bring us all together. : )

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