Black Lungrophenia

Poor Black Lungs guy. First zombies, now this. If Quadrophenia filtered the ’60s through the ’70s, this video filters the ’60s through the ’70s through the ’80s through the ’90s on a Canadian indie-label budget. Can you believe there are people so young they think of Rancid as “old-school?” Nice (though repetitive) footage, though, and very sweet barn-fresh Vespas. And hey, it’s fun.
(Thanks, Zombie Bill, who sent it in a better player but I wanted to embed it, without ads.)

4 thoughts on “Black Lungrophenia”

  1. I can understand taking a swing at the rocker douche, but why did the punk kids beat him up?

  2. Weird hipster fakery. If those hoodlums were really working fatso over they would’ve also smashed his scooter and thrown it off the pier, no way it would still be on its stand, in any case. And yeah, what’s with the girl sitting on the rack!? If you’re going to have a lady hanging off the back like that at least make it one with a big budonkadonk ass (and wearing bikini bottoms or daisy dukes a la so many crotch-rocket girlfriends) to provide a little padding on that rough ride. Looks like a cool city, Vancouver?

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