4 thoughts on “Lutz rides a Vectrix?”

  1. I’d see it as something in between. Bob at Scooterville likes his a lot. He could ride anything and I think he takes that more often than not. The feeling of taking off on an electric is fairly impressive. What I didn’t like about the smaller ones, aside from the low top speed, is that you could feel the drop in power at the disposal of your right wrist drop off within the first few minutes of riding. I guess the Vectrix carries enough toxic batteries to stave off the starvation, as well as keep up with traffic. Regardless of the current battery barrier, I’m glad the products are still being developed so they are ready to roll when battery tech catches up to make them a real option from price/size perspective.

  2. Bob Lutz also has his own MiG fighter jet. Yes, he flies it. He gets paid multi millions in annual salary and other compensation, so he can afford just about anything.

    I’ve ridden a Vectrix. It’s a really nice bike, and only the sound gives away its electric power. It’s awfully expensive for something you could only ride to work and back (and only if work has a place to plug it in). But it wouldn’t take much of an advance in battery tech to make a Vectrix go as far on a charge as the PX goes on a tank of gas…

  3. He does ride one. Our Vectrix rep told me about when he dropped it off at Bob’s house. He was amazed at the simplicity of the support that holds the seat open.

  4. Bob Lutz is one mean as*hole who is truly out-of-touch with reality. Just listen to the blatant insensitivity of his language during a recent NPR interview. All he thinks about is me, me, me. It makes me mad that the future of those poor GM autoworkers whose future depends on an executive as selfish and as clueless as he. Heartless Bob Klutz!

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