Lambretta Maxi-Scooter: The L-Ong 150

The New Cafe Racer Society brings us another gem from the past. The re-revelation is this long and low, two-seat, feet-forward steed that looks far ahead of it’s time. The “Centauro” is stated to be Spanish built and appears to be a nice cruising machine with handlebars not unlike a Lambretta Vega. For me, finding evidence of a proto-maxi-scooter dating back so far is like the first time I realized poor, misguided Apple Computer enthusiasts don’t have any ground on which to stand to shout “first!” after I learned about Xerox PARC inventing the GUI as we know it. Take that Lambrettista! Your brethren invented the Helix

One thought on “Lambretta Maxi-Scooter: The L-Ong 150”

  1. That thing is beastly, but I kind of love the front end. A wraparound legshield/fairing like that might be cool on a new scoot.

    Great book on Xerox PARC totally blowing their foray into personal computers:
    “Fumbling the Future.”

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