Oblogatory Venti photo

Talked to Paul from Hammerhead quite a bit. It looks pretty good for what it is, and they seem to ‘get it.” It is definitely the talk of the show

3 thoughts on “Oblogatory Venti photo”

  1. I took my demo to the Dallas pub that the Get Bent club hangs out at. They had said they would burn it if I ever showed up with it. It was a cold day so the crowd was down some but here is their own vid of it with a couple of F bombs in it so if you object, don’t play the link. Didn’t do too bad considering they all were pre disposed to hate it.

    BTW. the old faded red Allstate that pulls up towards the end is my original vintage scooter I had in the 80’s that my wife sold in 95 when I was in the hospital(and my Norton ;(.

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