CWC extension: ends midnight SUNDAY

Today’s the last day of the Cold Weather Challenge, and it’s getting pretty damn cold in some parts. Tell you what, you’ve got an extension, until midnight Sunday, to beat Scootervillan and his Vectrix. Also, ALL state-by-state leaders get a consolation prize, so if you’re in a state with no entries, a 10-mile ride this weekend nets you a sticker. Do it!

4 thoughts on “CWC extension: ends midnight SUNDAY”

  1. At about 9p.m. January 22, 2009 I departed downtown Lebanon, NH (-23F) with an “escort vehicle” (In case I got frostbit/chickened out), and rode my 2008 Genuine Buddy 50 to N/W Canaan, NH (Kimball Hill Rd.) for a total of approximately 16+ miles. When I arrived, temp was -27 F. Does havi9ng an “escort vehicle”/witness count? — Postprandial

  2. It would if the weather records for Lebanon, NH on Jan. 22, 2009 didn’t read a low of +16.2 deg. F.

  3. postprandial, nothing wrong with a chase vehicle, but brooke’s right, if you’re challenging for first place, we’re going to need some convincing evidence that brooke is wrong (and Brooke’s never been wrong, ever, ha). Thanks!

    To officially enter, post it in the main thread (2sb front page left, with the snow image) as dictated in the instructions.

  4. Oops, I accidentally deleted a comment from Alix, here’s her text:

    Ok, well New Hampshire is right down the road from me, I’m in Maine.
    it’s about 19 degrees right now.

    I would have taken this challenge but the garage where my scooter hibernates is blocked by about 8 feet of snow–for a 15 foot distance.

    Sorry, Alix!

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