Molte Vino

The Scooter Scoop reports on Yamaha’s new “Molte” Vino, with a front-mounted shopping basket (and a low-mounted headlight that probably guarantees we’ll never see it here in the U.S.) It’s wise of Yamaha to put a new twist on a bike that’s been on the market (and copied) for almost a decade now.

4 thoughts on “Molte Vino”

  1. Now, for the love of all that’s good and decent in the world, will more creative storage solutions allow for practical vehicle design to return from exile where it has languished since the rise of the insidious ‘underseat storage’ space? I’m afraid it will not.

  2. The underseat storage on my Buddy will fit my XXL full face helmet, but I long ago gave up using it for that, since I also need a place for my gloves, disc lock, rain gear, pump, sun glasses, baseball cap, etc. etc. Winter gear takes up more space, too. Forget about all the stuff I need for work going under the seat, I need a backpack for my laptop etc.
    I really don’t care for stuff on the front of the scooter. Topcases are too expensive and require a back rack as well.
    What creative sorts of storage design do you have in mind?

  3. If you need to carry all that stuff and are only willing to put it under your seat, I guess you deserve what you get.

    But if one were to value comfort, performance and safety over a place to stow sunglasses and a baseball cap then one could forgo an enclosed space all together. Front and rear racks are a good alternatives. Top cases don’t have to be as horrible as they are either. The space behind the leg shield could also be an alternative. The Vino example in front is kinda nice. It’s a bin for carrying a few items on a trip. The precedent of moving the plastic exoskeleton around and expanding it’s volume to create internal storage space has contributed to the secondary effect of wasting all kinds of ‘dead space’ in the front fairing and floorboard areas. =

  4. I always liked front racks better than rear, it balances out the weight of the engine, and doesn’t get in your way. I don’t like topboxes at all.

    I have a Givi bag that fits in the gap between my knees on the Blur, and i love it, but there’s less space there than there is on most scooters, and I can’t leave it on the bike when I park outside.

    We were talking about laptops on Modern Buddy last week, I dunno what to do with them, seems to me it’d be safer on your body than strapped to the bike… the vibrations could be bad for it.

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