Pinasco Revisits The “Swinging 70s and 80s”

et3biancaSeveral weeks ago the performance tuning house of Andrea Pinasco announced the addition of a throw-back exhaust for smallframe Vespas. The exhaust is of the ET3 ‘banana’ variety with the addition of some special cosmetic touches. The silencer section of the exhaust is painted with an eye-catching, white, high-temp, enamel paint. Additionally the classic Andrea Pinasco logo is applied and is claimed to be able to withstand the test of time. A perfect addition to your ET3 or 50 Special with full UTAH accessory kit.

3 thoughts on “Pinasco Revisits The “Swinging 70s and 80s””

  1. Oh my god that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Would that fit on a US primavera without cutting the battery box?

    Anyone wanna buy an unused Polini banana pipe cheap?

  2. Not without a little trim. Or ask Durso. But I think you just like the checkered flag.

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