Vespa Loves You, Man

Apparently there’s a Vespa in that new Paul Rudd movie. So VespaUSA, finger placed firmly on the pulse of their immature-frat-boy-comedy target market, is running a contest. I’m trying to fit in a Vampire Weekend joke, but it’s not coming.

UPDATE: Did I say “finger on the pulse?” They’ve got a contest on MySpace. too. You might remember MySpace, it’s an old website from back when Vampire Weekend was popular.

3 thoughts on “Vespa Loves You, Man”

  1. Arrrrgh!

    I signed up for a myspace account only to find that the contest ended three days ago…?!!?

    [shakes fist]


  2. With typical good timing, Vespa’s PR machine groaned to life to promote the MySpace contests in all the advertising trade magazines on Friday, the day the contest ended.

  3. Kind of like the Copter helmet promo that we were alerted to a week after it ended, and the free extended warranty promo that hit the magazines a month after it ended.

    Oh, and the “Buy your second Piaggio get $1000 in free accessories” that included only items discontinued or out of stock.

    Say, would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?

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