Scooter Jump Goes Wrong

Next time someone questions 2SB’s “journalism skillz,” refer them to “Website of the Year” Sky News, with important “news” stories like “GIANT CHOCOLATE BIG BEN” and “SCOOTER JUMP GOES WORNG” [sic]. With just a tiny fraction of Rupert Murdoch’s money behind 2SB, we could probably at least double our level of journalistic standards. Help us out, Rupe.

3 thoughts on “Scooter Jump Goes Wrong”

  1. Wow, their analysis is amazing:

    “The scooter’s front wheel hit the ground fine but the back wheel never made it ”

    Maybe I didn’t catch it well in the clip, but it looked to me like that statement is all wrong.

    1. The front wheel hitting the ground was anything but “fine”, that shouldn’t be the first thing to touch the ground.

    2. The back wheel made it OK, it’s just not supposed to happen after the front wheel, the rider, and the seat of the scooter all hit the ground ahead of it.

    And was that laughing I heard at the end?

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