Venti venditio veritas?

Orin reports that Hammerhead’s Venti (and a 50-cc verson, the “Paris,”) are expected to arrive at his local shop in June. Opinions vary, both about the scooter itself and its potential in the market, but Hammerhead seems to be walking the walk and following through (rather quickly) on a concept that could be very popular. If they handle dealer support as well as they’ve handled everything else so far, and if the bike is of halfway decent quality, we’ll probably be seeing a lot of Ventis on the road soon.

UPDATE: (4/16) Ryan at Scooter-News heard a different story from Hammerhead themselves, including a possible name change.

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  1. I reported what the local dealer told me. Obviously, with a new product dates can slip and changes can be made prior to introduction. I wouldn’t be surprised if Starbucks has a problem with the name “Venti” though it’s quite a stretch to think people could confuse a scooter with a large cup of coffee…

  2. The Sales team is still playing with a model name trying to appease lawyers.
    I’m starting to like the Piaggio’s suggestion of the “Cease and Desist” if we can translate that to Latin it could be catchy.
    I am hoping my early June projection remains. We are at the halfway point in the EPA test which means 3 more weeks, if the EVAP test goes well at the end. At that time we can tell production to start and if we feel lucky, ship it and hope the EPA issues the CERT before if hits the port, to keep loss of time at a minimum.
    Customs has been screwing with us (don’t think it is personal) and it has taken 2 – 5 weeks for a container to clear, which we have the pleasure of paying the daily detention fees, so they can take their time. Glad we can help with the bailout funds. I will be there for the start of production to see that QC is followed and to make sure Kathy Lee Gifford’s ex work crew are of age now. I hope the Chinese gymnast team has not been put out to the factory yet as they couldn’t have been 12 yrs old. I would take their Olympic Drum line though, as the precision was faultless.
    I do NOT have a commitment on the 49cc version yet as our owners want to make sure the 150 is as good as it can be, also I am arguing (pleading) what engine I can use.
    Accessories lineup is moving slower than I wished but they did get the sample front glove box on Monday and can start to tool up for it.

  3. Ha, machine translation says “cessare e desistere” (Italian) or “subsisto quod desino” (latin). I like “Cessare!” (with the exclamation point)

    Thanks for your candor (and humor), good to hear from you!


  4. So we go with Cessare! for the 150 and Desistere! for the 50. I like it!

    For your next act, consider a Zundapp Bella replica. If the visits to my blog from search engine terms are any indication, you’d sell it by the boatload…

  5. I promised to keep you updated on our retro scooter, Now the La Vita, according to our sales staff.
    We finished our EPA and CARB testing last Tue with flying colors, way below the limits allowed. I am doing the applications now so It may be 3-4 weeks to get the EPA Cert and then we can ship them over. The realistic ETA is August now.
    I applied for my visa last week and should be going over to the plant in the next few weeks.
    Not wanting to start a flaming session but I would like some input on what dealers and the consumer would expect from this unit and what you would like to see available. I may not be able to effect all the changes I see needed at once but the glaring one that showed up was that the Chinese tires were crap and threw off marbles like a road race tire on the dyno rollers.
    Other than a rectifier failure it made the 6K KM run well. I have already addressed the QC to the supplier.
    The fuel injection performed great but as this was the prototype I never recieved any Plug & Play equpiment or software to see what the mapping is.
    I have given the factory a list of what I need and expect to have everthing available by the time I get there. I hope to assymble my initial parts supply and barring our owners freaking out at my list I expect to have every single part in stock when the first boat hits our warehouse.
    Thanks for the blog space.

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