KYMCO T-shirt giveaway

KYMCO is giving away free T-shirts. Sure, there’s no privacy policy, but I’ve got no problem with Kymco sending me stuff (they allow you to opt out of off-road/ATV info). I guess they could sell my name to other companies, but… FREE SHIRT!

6 thoughts on “KYMCO T-shirt giveaway”

  1. I said it there and I’ll say it here: “Genuine, are you listening?”

    I bought a Buddy before they started sending out their bundles of love to new owners. But here I am, riding a Genuine and I’m getting a free shirt from KYMCO.

  2. i’ll say this too, those hats they gave out @ wkrp are pretty nice. i’m not a hat guy, and defiantly not a kymco guy by any stretch, but i’ve worn that hat every day since.

  3. I’d guess Kymco probably took the idea FROM Genuine. And don’t count your t-shirt until it’s hatched, I bet they didn’t anticipate every scooter forum in America linking to the offer, ha.

    Genuine’s usually good with the swag, and it’s universally better-looking than Kymco’s. Kymco gave away flesh-colored shirts at Amerivespa that sort of evoke something you’d buy in a NASCAR parking lot. But it’s free! I wear mine ironically.

    That’s not fair, actually, Kymco has a decent logo and when they keep it simple it looks good. I like Genuine’s individual scooter logos, but I’ve never been a fan of their main corporate logo, mainly because that Chicago “G” still looks like a Postscript Error every time I see it.

  4. on that note, i’m surprised that EVERY piece of swag from companies other than vespa don’t incorporate a scooter into it somehow.

    i mean, wearing something that says “genuine” or “kymco” doesn’t mean anything to anyone other than the people that probably already own one.

  5. I got a free Kymco shirt once. I believe it was used as a grease rag. The two Kymco hats I’ve got will probably have some patches sewn over the Kymco logos. Part of it is that I’m not a kymco guy.

    Then again, I’m not a Genuine guy either, but I’d probably wear free Genuine swag.

  6. I am usually not a fan of putting my name and such online, esp for a giveaway without a privacy policy. That is why I just fumbled my name on the list. It makes the trail of who sold my name to who easier to figure out. ;) and if all goes well i’ll have a new tee.

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