“Stop Slandering Scooters!”

More reaction to the “Straight Dope” story and U.S. News’ followup from TreeHugger. The arguments get more convincing that even 4-stroke scooters aren’t as “green” as we’d like to think, but there’s a lot of speculation and comparing apples to oranges in all these stories. Our fingers are crossed that someone (better-equipped and less biased than 2strokebuzz or PiaggioUSA) can find and crunch some real numbers, find a fair metric by which to compare a variety of scooters, cars, and SUVs, and settle this debate. (Thanks for the link, Kathy!)

One thought on ““Stop Slandering Scooters!””

  1. I’m guessing most of us ride scooters simply because we like it. The environment was not at all in my mind when I bought me scooter. I just wanted one for the thrills and chills, and of course, for all the fabulous gear!

    But, to speak to the issue of two strokes and four strokes, I did have a random comment regarding group rides. I think two stroke riders could make a large contribution to improving the environment for their four-stroke riding brethren if the two stroke riders always agreed to take up the rear in group rides ;)

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