What’s your zip code?

Help out Mau Spencer of Classic Scooterist Scene. Mau’s looking to supply his distributor with a list of cities and zip codes with a high concentration of scooterists (especially vintage, I presume) Any suggestions? Just list “City, State, Zip(s),” e.g. “Chicago, IL 60707 60642, 60622, 60647, 60657.” I’ll compile the list and pass it on to him, but I’m also curious to see for myself.

14 thoughts on “What’s your zip code?”

  1. got a bunch via email, so I’ll post them here for posterity (Thanks, everyone, keep ’em coming!)

    Los Angeles, CA 90026, 90039, 90029
    Jacksonville,FL 32246
    Las Vegas, NV 89103
    Chicago, IL 60707, 60642, 60622, 60625, 60647, 60657
    Highland Park, IL 60035
    Oklahoma City, OK 73120

  2. wilmette, IL 60091

    i have four a stella (limited edition)
    a buddy
    a VBB vespa
    a malagutti phantom

  3. North Hollywood, CA, 91606

    There’s a growing concentration in this area, for sure. Being close to the city’s 2 biggest dealers helps.

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