Honda Elite Returns for 2010

It’s Honda News day: The venerable Honda Elite will return for 2010, but in name only, it appears to be a rebadged Honda Lead 110. I never thought I’d be saying this, but as out-of-date as the original Elite design was, it’s 25 years old and thus ripe for nostalgia. As Eric points out at Modern Buddy (thanks for the tip, Eric!), the least they could do is give it a pop-up headlight. Devo has a new album coming out and Lou Reed’s playing Lollapalooza this year. Grace Jones, Adam Ant, and Jim McMahon aren’t too busy lately, let’s get the old gang together!

2 thoughts on “Honda Elite Returns for 2010”

  1. Nice. Now they’ll have their complete line up from 50cc to maxi. And in 2 years they can say how scooters are a failure and have 20 years of excuses why they won’t bring in great products that sell so well around the world. Thanks America!

    In all sincerity, the Lead has historically been a simple model and I think this should be a fair success if it’s small enough (slightly larger than a buddy but sitting lower than a Piaggio Fly or LX. The 10″ rear and 12″ front looks ok, but it’s still no anti-dive fork like the old NH series.

  2. With Honda bringing the SH150i and the Honda Elite/Lead 110 over, it made me wonder if the fuel injected Super Cub might be too far behind since SYM is bringing their carburetted clone over already.

    You meet the nicest people on a Honda.


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