Symba, unleashed

Orin test rides the first Taiwanese scooter to be given a (misspelled) Swahili name. It’s a good overview, from a scooterists’ perspective. It appears the first shipment has spread around to dealers nationwide. SYM must have a new midwest sales rep who doesn’t know me, because he’s been in touch, hopefully we’ll have 2SB Symba and CityCom 300i reviews soon. If you think you’re going to need more Symba news than 2strokebuzz can provide, be sure to check out Team Symba.

5 thoughts on “Symba, unleashed”

  1. I rode and posted a review of the Honda SH150i the day after the Symba piece, and I find it interesting that the Symba is out-drawing the Honda by about four to one. Had I won a lottery jackpot over the weekend, I’d have written a check for one of each. But, alas, I didn’t…

    BTW, you must have been on a different site… Rick Steves doesn’t do Ukraine…

  2. The Symba has yet to land in CA. From what I understand, it’s passed CARB testing, just needs a final approval, but it being held up by yet another state bureaucratic snafu. I’m really looking forward to checking it out when the time comes.

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