TSR Vespa smallframe disc brake in the works

tsrdisckit4In the 2strokebuzz tradition of finding scooter news and putting it under a tarp in the garage, we bring you month old news of a new Vespa smallframe disc brake system in the works that uses the traditional smallframe fork. The Scooter Republic is an outfit based in Vietnam that has been stealthily producing some reproduction and bespoke parts like SS90 replicas and some crazy exhausts for the smallframe range. When contacted for more information regarding the new smallie stoppers, a representative from TSR said the unit is in the late prototype stage and heading for production. The project is advanced to the point where they are currently accepting deposits on the first round of production. Now there appears to be an option for smallframe enthusiasts to get modern stopping power without resorting to the use of a PK fork. One caveat for the unit shown and to be produced first is that it is suited for the older style V90/V50 rim. While the numbers of riders with these wheels are smaller it is a great look and it’s possible to convert a scooter with the new style hubs and rims to the old pressed steel hubs. Further news revealed the addition of an anti-dive solution as well as a prototype for the newer style rims. Contact TSR by emailing: info AT tsr DOT vn. The tsr.vn website doesn’t give any additional information beyond a cool scooter cartoon but it’s worth the price of the click.

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  1. I purchased a set of machine stamped SX200 Panels from TSR a few months back. They shy away from the US market via ebay, but through ebay UK I landed free shipping to my door in MN. I can’t imagine how much they paid for that as Scootrs charges me $75 to ship 2 sets of seat covers. I would say equal in quality to other Vietnamese shops, but a way better value for US customers.

    I hope they keep shake’n it up for our friendly expat from red Maple leaf country; competition leads to progress.

  2. There are several versions – including one for the newer style hub.

  3. >>I landed free shipping to my door in MN.
    >>a way better value for US customers.

    You don’t actually get free shipping. On ebay a set of panels with “free” regular mail 2-week (maybe) shipping is $307 (at today’s exchange, and going up) while from us 2 panels are only $139, less than half. Even with dimensional charges after packed, we’d be less – and we ship by guaranteed courier with tracking in 2 days to the US.

    Compare. You’ll see most parts on ebay are more expensive, most a lot more.

    The big thing about ebay though is quality. 99% of the Vietnam stuff you see on there is local market stuff that resellers just go around and buy to resell. Some is fine, much is problematic. (Same with Indian stuff on there.)

    On the other hand, we actually have a very large factory and make most of our items inhouse ourselves. With some the quality difference is very obvious in a photo (our high-end original-style seat covers vs. the budget local ones) while others look the same but aren’t (pressure-cast hubs/lights vs. sand cast). We constantly see stuff on ebay or elsewhere then someone local brings a sample by to offer to us and we find we can’t sell it because it doesn’t even fit, so we skip it, or buy and redo them all correctly, or just make it ourselves because easier.


    >>competition leads to progress.

    The disc kit looks nice. We have been dawdling about doing a smallframe one but we’ll have our PX 16mm kit out in a few days.

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