A Cheap Electric Scooter?

Wired reports that Austin-TX-based KLD Technologies plan to launch a electric scooter in the price range of a Vespa sometime next year. We’re confused how an all-electric scooter that’s the same price as a high-end gas scooter is a “cheap alternative.” Sure, it’s cheaper than a hybrid Piaggio MP3, but so is a biodiesel-powered school bus. Maybe their “nano-crystaline technology” is something special, and the concept drawing is adorable, but people seem to keep forgetting there are many relatively inexpensive electric scooters and bicycles on the market already,

5 thoughts on “A Cheap Electric Scooter?”

  1. Wow, bolt a swingarm with a hubmotor on a scooter and stick some batteries under the seat? What an amazing new concept. Oh wait, maybe it is innovative, they hung the batteries under the floorboard this time, great for ground clearance.

  2. I think I was looking at their prototype pictures, not conceptual renderings..
    Wonder what the mix of reality and fantasy will leave the end product looking like.

  3. According to the article, “The Neue motor system uses the nano-crystalline composite material to conduct energy 10 times more efficiently than traditional, iron-core motors…” I’m not a materials scientist, so I have no way of evaluating that claim. I was fooled before by hype about a super-capacitor, so I’ll reserve judgement on nano-crystalline technology.

    Hmm… the thing is, civilization is due for a break on alternative energy technology. You can’t beat the laws of physics, of course, but we’re due for a technological break if only because so many different entities are investigating the problem. As for the looks, meh, there’s no reason why that technology couldn’t be bolted into the back of a Lambretta… if the technology works. “Nano-crystalline”- it certainly sounds cool, doesn’t it?

  4. P.S. I forgot to mention, my deep, dark secret is that I secretly lust for a Goped Hoverboard. If this tech works and can be scaled down to be used in a Hoverboard, my mission on this planet will be complete, Riff-Raff can pull the switch on the transit beam, and I can head home…

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