Piaggio recalls X9 500, BV500

Piaggio has officially recalled 2,428 2006-08 BV500 and 2005-07 X9 500 scooters to repair a fuel pump hose issue:

The hose connecting the fuel filter to the fuel pump may come loose, causing a drop or loss of fuel pressure to the engine. These parts are located inside the fuel tank so no signs of a fuel leak will be visible from the outside. Dealers will replace the fuel hoses on affected scooters. Potentially 2,428 scooters are included in the recall.

(Here’s another story, from Dealernews)

4 thoughts on “Piaggio recalls X9 500, BV500”

  1. Seems to be a common problem….

    X9 500
    BV 500
    Scarabeo 500
    Scarabeo 500 i.e.

    Have they already recalled the MP3 500? If not, I wonder how long it will be until that is added….

  2. Yeah, how about the MP3 500?? Keep us posted.
    Is this the first recall since the GTS exhaust recall (hush, hush)?

  3. I am having the same problem with my 2007 BV500. It has been in the shop twice now for this issue.

  4. pikentx,
    have that length of fuel hose replaced now at Piaggio’s expense. Just take it to an authorized (Vespa/Piaggio) service station and they’ll take care of it. I left my 2007, BV500 overnight for the fix. Already, I noticed it starts better. We’ll see if other problems are fixed also. Too soon to tell. But TAKE it in. It’s free.

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