Soviet Scooters

Here’s a good brief rundown of the Soviet-era scooter industry, featuring some good photos of the Tula Turist and T-200, and a 1974 Vyatka “3,” which I’d never seen before. If that’s not enough Warsaw Pact-ion for you, Autosoviet has lots more info and photos of Tula scooters and Vyatka’s better-known Vespa knockoff plus more than you ever wanted to know about Vostok, Dnepr Minsk, Voskhod, CZ, and more.

3 thoughts on “Soviet Scooters”

  1. Great stuff. That 500 2 stroke CZ twin is pretty awesome. The gold plated pope patrol version, not so much. But all the 2 stroke goodness seen on those pages just goes to show that the decline in favor of the two-cycle internal combustion engine is an imperialist-capitalist pig conspiracy.

    In Soviet Russia, Otto cycles you!

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