NoHo’s “Cash For Clunkers” Program

NoHo Scooters in Los Angeles is doing its part to clear out our streets and carports of junk scooters, without government subsidies! Bring in any scooter, running or not, and get $300 off a new one. That’s the best deal you’re ever going to get on your Geely with a seized engine and 250 miles on the odometer. NoHo Owner Mike Frankovich tells us “Somebody had to do it!.”

2 thoughts on “NoHo’s “Cash For Clunkers” Program”

  1. If you hang out at NoHo for more than 10 minutes or so, you’ll there will be at least one phone call from a Chinese scooter owner despondent over not being able to get it fixed and running. Mike makes them the best offer they’ll get! (You can almost hear the caller whine on the other end of the line, “But I paid $800 for this and it was running fine and they told me parts were no problem!”)

    This is a great service to those who got fleeced by the promise of (too) cheap scooters, many of whom bought used (even cheaper) from someone who got wised and dumped the heap. Hopefully, it’ll help prevent some others from making the same mistake.

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