Get Smart, Anne

The latest celebrity scooterist is Anne Hathaway, riding what appears to be a Chinese Yamaha Vino knockoff for Garry Marshall’s film Valentine’s Day, which will hopefully be called something else by the time it comes out in 2010, because there are, like, ten feature films already called that.

Miss Hathaway is a favorite around here, but this film’s scooter choice is a bit ironic, since her recent movie “Get Smart” was involved in a big marketing blitz with Vespa and Subway, and I don’t remember even seeing a scooter in that film.

If those aren’t enough photos of Anne with a scooter, here’s a photo of Anne with a photo of a scooter, probably from the Subway/Vespa promotion. The girl-to-scooter proportions there balance out the Amazon Mary Jane Watson Lambretta Spider-Man comic cover we posted this morning.

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