Dumba Dumba Dumba: Madness’ “City”

Madness’ awesome TV commercials for the Honda City, The City was a compact hatchback with a matching folding scooter that tucked into the back, a concept that deserves to be revisited with the Fit. The jingle was later reworked as the “In the City” single, and “Honda Honda Honda” was replaced with “Doomba Doomba Doomba.”

(Thanks, Heather, awesome find!)

2 thoughts on “Dumba Dumba Dumba: Madness’ “City””

  1. So the Turbo didn’t come with the folding scoot??!!!

    I think it’s great they did such a good job with that commercial. Who else would do that and do it well? I think I’m going to put in some of the Dangermen Sessions Vol 1.

  2. If you’re going to cash in, you might as well make the most of it and really get involved and make it something to be proud of.

    I’ll take Madness giving 110% for Honda over Celine Dion showing up for an afternoon at a soundstage and pretending she’d be caught dead in a minivan.

    Brooke Shields gets some props for her VW work, too, ha. And for that matter, Mike Rowe is probably the absolute greatest pitchman Ford could have ever signed, even if people have no idea who he is, he’s just a great face/voice for the company.

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