Team S Equipe

Neville Frost

(Isle of Man) regulations stated that “works” teams weren’t allowed, so the guys formed their own team christened “Team S Equipe.” Unknown at the time was the fact that “Equipe” in French means “Team…”

A must-read account of the Arthur Francis S-Type Lambrettas and the men who raced them, with loads of truly awesome photos and memorabilia.

(Thanks for the link, Matt, and thanks to David Hardy at for the use of this fantastic photo of Neville Frost )

NOTE: I’m bouncing this back to the top of 2strokebuzz, because David was kind enough to let us add a photo from his collection. Anyone who enjoys vintage scooters must spend an hour poking around this site. It’s rare to find such great site design, solid writing, and fantastic (large!) photos all preserving the history of one specific subject.

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  1. Hi Matt

    Let me know where to email you a photo & I’ll send you .jpg to illustrate the post. Glad you like the site & thanks for adding it to 2 Stroke Buzz.

    Cheers, Dave H

  2. It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of the greatest all round scooterist, of all time, Nev Frost.

    Nev passed away last Friday, unfortunately I do not know the circumstances as yet.
    From the mid sixties Nev was the one you had to beat, whether it be on the track, grass track, rallies or navigation trials he would be there at the top or there about.

    Just a fantastic competitor.

    I hope he gets the send off he deserves, a truly great man & scootering legend.

  3. i was lucky enough to be a member of the bromley innocents for a short time – nev was my hero at the time and i used supertune in croydon for all my spares -nev was involved in the running, they also done a fantastic job of a respray on my sx225 – i remember them producing a bike called an avanti which was very fast.i did all my own tuning and could get 80+mph- neville was not only fast but was the best slow rider around -he won all of the competiions for this event that i went to- i remember him at a fast trial at brands hatch after a crash ,getting back on and winning with clumps of grass stuck to the bike. R.I.P. nev you were brilliant

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