Saigon Scooter Centre Going Out Of Business Sale?

I received an email advertisement from Saigon Scooter Centre that notified of a 20% off, “Closing Down” sale. I thought that maybe the export business had dried up and the folks at SSC had decided to move on to greener pastures. When checking the website I only noticed the small mention of the sale but the no other explanation or signs that they were shutting shop. They still have some interesting new products out like the PX long-range seat/tank combo and their automatic Lambretta which looks to have a Buddy 125 motor in it. Anyone with other news on the topic feel free to chime in (note: “news” does not include general Vietnam bashing. I’m indifferent but it just gets tiring). I’ll update if I hear anything back from SSC directly.

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  1. That long range seat doesn’t look too comfortable for long range rides, and it’s not clear how the long-range tank feeds into the main, and whether or not there’s a valve control for it or a direct feed.

  2. Yes, the product and others on the site could really use some more detailed photography to sell the product. I still haven’t heard back from them with any news on the ‘closing down’.

  3. 2SB Just got a note from Pat at SSC:

    Hi there, I noticed a comments that was on your forum so I just wanted to clear a couple of things up.

    After over 12 years of running Saigon Scooter Centre I have taken the decision to close the company. For a number of reasons including personal ones and the difficulties related to running a legitimate business here with the constant problems of licensing, taxation , police harassment, import restrictions, 100% import tax etc I’ve decided that enough is enough.

    I’m advertising this in Scootering and clearing stock both of parts and scooters over the next 2 months why the company is in the process of being closed down.
    I intend to take a short break and then will be spending more time concentrating on Bangkok Scooter Centre which I’ve been running for over 10 years and I will continue to produce and stock a limited range of our most popular parts from BKKSC. I will still be in and out of Vietnam as I am keeping the scooter rental business here going.The current email address will be kept running although we will no longer be dealing with private orders and no longer carrying out restorations.

    Next year there are also a couple of scooter related business’s I’m looking into starting up. I will also still be organising a number of scooter events over the coming months and will still be actively involved in the Asian scooter scene.

    Thanks, Pat!

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