Cash for Small Clunkers

Genuine Scooter Co. has repackaged NoHo Mike’s obvious-but-good idea, and unleashed their own “Cash for Small Clunkers” video and trade-in plan:

Participating dealers will offer $300 credit towards a Genuine scooter for any titled scooter (or, if the video is to believed, even vintage mopeds without titles).

As far as the video, it’s clearly supposed to be “laugh-with” funny but it veers towards “laugh-at” funny, which is allright, too. Modern Buddy members have already pointed out the porn-quality acting/editing, the needless repetition, the logical fallacies, and the gawkers at 3:20, but I’m still wondering how a German tech inspector ended up at a Chicago company selling Taiwanese and Indian scooters with Italian, Spanish, and French affectations. I guess they’re a truly international company, after all.

As far as Chicago-area porn-quality scooter commercials go, it’s not bad…

2 thoughts on “Cash for Small Clunkers”

  1. Dr junker is coool………..wonder if the Genuine dealers will stack the junkers up in front of their stores……could charge a dollar for a swing of the sledge hammer and donate the money to charity…. I would put in 10 bucks for a few swings myself

  2. I would pay them 10.00 to not take a sledge hammer to a perfectly good Derbi GP1/Predator. That was not a Yamato or what ever she said. Seriously, spares for those bikes are even harder to find that for some no-name brand and they smashed a bunch of hard to find parts for a quality scooter. Who chose that scooter to demolish? Not smart. Couldn’t they find a POS to do it to? Who do they think they are making misleading commercials, Apple?

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