Innovative Honda for U.S.—sans innovation

01The whiz-bang new Thailand-made Honda PCX 125 is a pretty good-looking scooter, and features new technology that actually stops the engine at idle to save gas. The story mentions a 2010 U.S. model, but only to say it won’t feature the “stop-and-start” idle technology. It will feature fuel injection and linked brakes.

One thought on “Innovative Honda for U.S.—sans innovation”

  1. I am still impressed with the Honda SHi 150. I would be interested in this 125 Honda if I knew it had more top end speed than my Buddy 125. Not being able to maintain a speed of at least 55 on a 2-lane highway of various degrees is important to me and so far the 125 scooters haven’t been able to do that.

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