Piaggio: Googleproof!

Piaggio unveiled the new “USB” concept bike at EICMA this week. Just type “MP3″ or “USB” into Google and the first thing you get is Piaggio Scooters, right!? I look forward to the new Piaggio “BBW,” the Piaggio “The,” and the Piaggio “Britney Naked.” To be fair, the bike has some interesting points, but come ON, namers… Say What you will about the “Grand Dink” and the “Symply,” but they’re easy to find on the web.

One thought on “Piaggio: Googleproof!”

  1. It’s actually interesting. That step through channel area and the smooth enclosed nature of it reminds me of the original Paperino design. But slanted floorboards? All you moto-designers can go fuck yourselves. No ones planted feet go that way by choice! In one simple stroke of the pen they erase any signs of genius and show off how they are, collectively, a bunch of brain dead cartoonists in love with the tracks of their colored pencils

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