Jordan’s CWC party photos!

How’s this look?

Doing some more gallery testing, got my favorite gallery (NextGen Gallery for WordpPress) to work (thanks, support!) so now it’s a matter of testing and getting everything dialed in.

Sadly, I had to deactivate the other gallery software I was using, but I’ll get back in there and convert those galleries to this one. If it keeps working.

3 thoughts on “Jordan’s CWC party photos!”

  1. I seriously need to find a gallery I like that works in WP. I have tried so many and all have just not worked how I wanted.

    I really wish Flickr would let me, as a Pro account, customize my gallery to match the sites I use them linked to.

  2. I love NextGen Gallery and use it for a few other sites, but I was never able to get it to work for 2strokebuzz. WP plugin support is bad in general and this one’s worse than most. I finally got around to asking my host if they could figure out why it wasn’t working, and it turned out they needed to add some php modules or something.

    I still need to customize it a bit more but I’m just glad to see it working again.


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