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  1. Yes, the rumor is correct. I saw it on Friday. I think I was more surprised by the sight of large flat-panel TV in the scooterworks back room, than the sight of a scooter with a front ski on it. Assuming my usual role as an aging scooter poseur, I think I said something to the effect of “Oh, those crazy German Vespa tuners have been doing that stuff for years”. Anyway, it was fun to chat with Dean for a bit.

  2. Pretty basic approach. Now I would like to see him drive back up! Crazy Italians. They made some for Malagutis for the Ducati winter show a while back too. Google 2sb a bit and you’ll find the old posts about this company.

    Unless I missed that. Is it just me or does youtube really suck for watching anything without letting it load for 10 minutes before playing? I don’t remember it being this bad.

  3. Wow that looked like it was fun!

    I’d say the ski itself should have a small fin to help steer thru the snow but otherwise – way cool!

  4. I usually wouldn’t promote southerners crossing the Mason Dixon line, but feel free to look in the MN real estate. Buyers is buyers!

  5. I want to see video of it running around on flat ground, like in someones back yard. We did this a few years ago with a PrimaVera. We mounted a really nasty knobby on the back and had a modified snow-ski on the front end. It kinda worked downhill, on flat ground it would simply dig the rear tire into the snow. The only way to make it go was to get it onto a trail or parking lot where there was just an inch or snow of packed snow over a hard surface. Then the front ski didn’t have enough snow depth to give you any control and the front end would just wash out. We determined that the problem was the rear tire being too narrow, we moved the rig over to a Zuma with the most aggressive knobby we could find and it did exactly the same thing even with the . We binned the idea as being impractical. Testing the thing on a mammoth alpine ski resort doesn’t show me how it would work in the most common application my customers would ever use it.

    Unless it can make it UP the mountain it’s all but useless around here. We don’t have any gondolas period, let alone one big enough that would allow a scooter onboard.

  6. I don’t think it will go through deep snow, but their old site, http://www.riminimoto.net/ , has more videos on the flat. They had prototypes about 4 or 5 years ago on Malagutis that were being demoed in front of the crowd at the annual Ducati launch. That was over a course like a snow motocross track. But again, not deep snow.

    Outriggers are probably the solution your customers are looking for (if they are looking for anything to help them ride on ice and snow at -5 deg.


    And Jprestonian, we need sensible votes in her district. The problem is, no one sensible wants to move there. This is why we are trying to recruit select southerners to come up and turn the tide. It’s kinda rural (north edge of the Twin Cities and further out) and you’ll probably find no other district in the state with as many pick up trucks with confederate flags so maybe it wouldn’t be a complete culture shock!

  7. Genuine/Scooterworks sent us a tire and ski to do a demo. I just got back from the maiden voyage on Medicine Lake, just west of Minneapolis. There are about 8 inches of ice with varying depths of snow cover.
    We mounted it up to a Rattler 110. The install is quite easy. The knobby tire really needs to be studded for riding on the lake in these conditions. The rear end tends to wash out pretty easily when you give it a good amount of throttle. In the areas where some snowmobiles had packed the snow down the ride was very nice. The front ski is shaped (parabolic) so it turns nicely. I was by myself so I did not push it as hard as I’d like to. Since there’s no front tire to activate the speedo I can only estimate that I maxed out around 30 MPH. It will go much faster on the Buck-Ten but I’ll need some support crew to call 911. Brooke?
    I’m going to stud the tire a take it back out on Saturday.

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