The Return of Scomadi

Scomadi Turismo Leggara 250
Speaking of the undead*, while we were hibernating for the last few (six) months, Scomadi came back to life. You may remember “Scomadi” as the sixth or seventh name given to the Piaggio-engined vintage-body “Lambretta” that was being hyped for years by the Khurana family (who went on to stick Lambretta stickers on Adlys), CMSI (who went on to Chinese-scooter obscurity), and PM Tuning/Lambretta Innovations. Apparently, PM Tuning finally realized that a mass production run was never going to happen and decided to finally go ahead and build the things themselves in small batches. The first batch of ten Scomadi Turismo Leggara 250**s feature carbon fiber bodies and sell for £7000, which would have been a likely-but-ridiculous price for a production version, but really isn’t a ridiculous price for a hand-built slick-looking collectible modern Lambretta. Cheers, mates, we’ll gladly test one for you! In any case, we’re glad to see all that work finally paying off.

PS: Scomadi, you need a title tag in the header on your website. Right now, your site is listed in search engines as a blank space!

* Italjet, not Haiti, I’m not Pat Robertson, geez.
** Italian for “League of 250 Scum, on Tour”.

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