10 thoughts on “Mid Atlantic Scooter Racing”

  1. The defending Vice-Champion moved back to the Pacific Southwest and the defending Champ got tangled in yarn and had a baby (or some reasonable facsimile).

    I think drag racing is the way to go. Road courses are just too hard to find and organize. Any place where they have stoplights and a fair stretch of road is perfectly equipped for moped drag racing. Talk smack global. Race local.

  2. 15.00 for one run? Ya, that doesn’t sound like fun. 1/4 mile is kinda pointless. 1/8 would be the longest I’d think would be interesting on a scooter. But I think the special drag nights are geared toward guys showing off their penis replacements. 15.00 a pop would probably seem like a bargain to them.

  3. Brooke — It was $15 for pretty much unlimited runs, until the actual racing for prize money started. So, there were maybe 2-3 hours of runs for the $15, if you cared to do that. I didn’t. I just made a few runs, said “meh,” and rode home.

    I’d rather see stuff on my rides, and I’m not always in a hurry to get anywhere. ;)

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