Southern Redemption

Late last summer I attended the Los Vesparados art show in Minneapolis. I took some pictures and made some notes of my favorite works. I never posted about it on 2SB. This is a recurring theme in my service as a Bedell Media International correspondent.

I was walking through a local Barnes and Noble the other day, searching for what I came to learn was last weeks issue of The Economist, when I spied what looked to be a papercraft Vespa set upon an upturned polka dot Chinese takeout box on the cover of periodical. The cover art turned out to be a painting by artist Nate Ronniger. Mr. Ronniger’s work had been listed as shown at the aforementioned art show. So The Southern Review, a literary journal published out of LSU, helped my scooter art odyssey come full circle to remind me that I should finish writing a few posts that I’ve had in the works for months.

Check out Mr. Ronniger’s artwork. I can’t quite believe they are not photos. Also, if anyone knows about The Southern Review, feel free to chime in.

2 thoughts on “Southern Redemption”

  1. You were at Los Vesparados? Dude! I wish I’d known. Don’t be a stranger next time!

  2. Hi. I know a little something about The Southern Review–I’m Jeanne Leiby, the editor. Nate Ronniger sent me a link to your post. A brief history: TSR was started at LSU in 1935 by the great Robert Penn Warren. We publish the best prose and poetry by the world’s established and emerging writers. Each issue (4 a year) we feature an visual artist, and we were thrilled to find Nate’s wonderful work. All best, Jeanne

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