Pregnant 5-year old wins Vespa on “Let’s Make a Deal”

A double-win for PiaggioUSA’s marketing department AND the Des Moines Register‘s copy desk.

Thanks, Eric.

6 thoughts on “Pregnant 5-year old wins Vespa on “Let’s Make a Deal””

  1. What kind of guy gets a “5-year old” pregnant and then takes her to Vegas to win a Vespa on the Price is Right? Were they going to the “High Rollers” Scooter Rally?

    Chris Bulat
    Windsor Locks, CT

  2. I honestly can`t see how that article could be a double win for anybody. Clearly the Desmoines Register dropped the ball printing it. 2SB could have spared us this one.

  3. Alan, that was my point: Vespa’s marketing department is reduced to giving away scooters on game shows, and that the only press they got about it was a typographically mangled and pointless story in Des Moines, IA, and that the winner didn’t even want the bike.

  4. Both sad and hilarious at the same time. Perhaps someone will eventually win out of this mess, but it’ll be a while.

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