Sweet SS50 Firefox Theme Available

The other day when my Firefox browser automatically updated I was given the option to select a ‘persona‘ for the browser. I did some searching using terms of my areas of interest and found this neat Super Sport 50 theme by someone going by the name 214_PC. It’s pretty much just a nice clean white background with the SS50 logo. Searching for ‘vespa’ comes up with a few other hits, but I thought this was the coolest.

3 thoughts on “Sweet SS50 Firefox Theme Available”

  1. Except all those Persona themes make the browser awkward to use, with difficulty reading tab text and such. This one isn’t as bad as most though.

  2. Yeah, I ran screaming when I saw that menu come up last time I upgraded. But the SS theme seems to preserve the legibility while just adding a little Vespa love. Nice post, Brooke, now I’m gonna spend all day trying to figure out how to make a 2SB Firefox theme instead of the thousands of more important things I have to do.

    Also, is it just me, or does everyone, what, five or so years after the Firefox browser came out, everytime they open it, say to themself “Zhou must theenk een Russian!”

  3. I’ve often said this in jest. But this time I can say with confidence, it’s just you.

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