3 thoughts on “Speaking of 2SB/Ebert comparisons…”

  1. There’s an update on that article:


    Eddie Lu, manager of SYM’s Overseas Marketing Division, has sent a statement to clarify the quote he supplied me last week:

    “SYM is disappointed with U.S. scooters sales currently; however, we understand the U.S. economic situation is not good and scooter sales for all OEMs/Distributors have not met expectations over the past 18 months.

    “SYM supports Carter 100% and our relationship is very strong and we look forward to continuing our work with Carter in fighting for market share and ultimately becoming the number one scooter brand in the U.S. market.”

  2. BTW, I agree that Carter’s customer service needs a lot of improvement.

  3. What is that anyway? A left handed compliment? Or the dreaded Vote of Confidence?

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