What about “Flyover Country?”

Comparing powersports journalist Guido Ebert to 2strokebuzz is like comparing Roger Ebert to an anonymous YouTube comment. So you’d think Piaggio would jump at the chance to get him on their bandwagon, right? If Piaggio’s going to set up every lawnmower repair shop in the midwest as dealers, you’d think they’d give them a little marketing support. I honestly wondered if this was an April Fools joke, but I don’t think it is.

4 thoughts on “What about “Flyover Country?””

  1. well, i think piaggio usa just coined their 2010 marketing slogan.

    vespa…we can always wish.

  2. I met a guy riding a Guzzi the other day who’d bragged about having a Vespa for a long-term test last year. I asked him if he was a journalist, and he said, “well, a blogger…” I asked if he lived in Chicago, “Oh, no, I was in California then.” I told him Guido’s story, and he said “Oh, well, they’re really cutting back the marketing budget for Vespa this year because they’re relaunching Moto Guzzi next year, it’s their 75th anniversary.” I asked him to explain how that statement made any sense at all, and while he stammered, I saw a friend and walked away.

  3. Duh, Bryan, Moto Guzzi makes MOTORCYCLES and Vespas are SCOOTERS. I don’t think he could have been any clearer. Plus, he was from California so I’m sure he was a way better blogger. You get a better view of everything from the center of the universe.

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