Rock and Bend Over

Gene Simmons of the rock band Kiss is notorious for licensing the bands’ image to anyone who’ll pay for it, so it comes as no surprise that you can now ride a Kiss scooter. The Crossrunner Kiss Celebrity Collectors Edition scooter appears to be just another Chinese Honda Joker knockoff with Kiss graphics. It was noted on Modern Buddy that the paint job is worth more than the scooter, but we’re betting it’s vinyl wrap graphics, the likes of which we’ve seen on several Chinese scooters at Dealer Expo in recent years. It’s also interesting that the photos on the site are a mirror image of each other (note the engine case is visible in both photos), it’s a Photoshop mockup, not a photo of the real bike. (The rotating image at the end of the video appears to be real, the graphics are slightly different.) If this bike features the glass piston, fake ABS brakes, and other shoddy components seen on many Chinese scooters, you might want to order a Kiss casket, too.

3 thoughts on “Rock and Bend Over”

  1. By the way, I say all this with all due respect to the band’s legacy, Kiss Alive II was the first record I ever bought with my allowance money, starting a frightening vinyl addiction that continues to this day. I also applaud Gene Simmons’ ability to promote the band and realize the American Dream. Kiss’ marketing was always a large fraction of their appeal, even as a middle-schooler, I could see that, but somewhere along the way, it seems to have eclipsed the musical fraction of their appeal.

    It’d be worth comparing Star Wars and Kiss, there are a lot of interesting similarities there.

  2. Is Kiss really still in business (besides the Dr Pepper commercials)?

    I’ll bet it was over a decade before I believed that the makeup wasn’t just to hide the real people behind the masks, sort of like Ded Bob’s smuj, or Jonathan Richman’s Bermuda Strollers. Who’d have thought that Oakland Raiders fans would be the biggest market for Kiss Gear?

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