Scooter Racing Returns to the Midwest

Just a couple months ago, I complained that there didn’t seem to be much racing going on, and people keep making me eat my words (happily, for once). The latest league of fast gentlemen, Mid-West Scooter Racing, has recently cropped up in 2SB’s ancestral homelands, Southwest Ohio, and is organized by one of our favorite guys, Seth Hershey, from one of our favorite shops, who we won’t name because they’d prefer Seth not highside and miss work. Seth tells us:

The one time I raced I sucked, but I still had such a fulfilling time I just have to do some more.

That’s our Seth. He’s certainly not the aggro intense speed-demon type, but we love incongruity here at 2strokebuzz. Classes and race prep look suitably laid-back and inclusive, so we’re betting he’ll put on some great events.

8 thoughts on “Scooter Racing Returns to the Midwest”

  1. Tease. We need to come up with a better name for the Midwest. It’s downright misleading.

  2. Oh my God we’ve been through this. Pittsburgh to Kansas City, Canada to the Ohio River plus (if you’re charitable) W Va. and kentucky.

    Anything west of Kansas City is “Great Plains.”

  3. 13 hours may as well be Denver. Denver may as well be Los Angeles. I think you are missing that Minneapolis is the center. And while Chicago and Winnipeg are well within the radial definition, places like Lincoln and St. Louis are on the fringes. Beyond that, thar be dragons.

  4. This was a thread on the old TSS for like three months. Everyone thinks they’re the center of the midwest.

    The Twin Cities are not in the center of anything, other than Minnesota. You guys are the northern edge. Canada’s not in the goddamn midwest.

    I’ve lived in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Chicago, and all three thought they were the center of the Midwest. St. Louis does too. So does KC.

    OK, that’s the census bureau, but that’s not the philosophical midwest.

    Pittsburgh’s a half hour from the Ohio border, so they’re the eastern edge. northern WVa and KY are debatable, but I’m fine with leaving them off. Louisville’s on the border, the rest of KY is “The South.” I’m OK with Kansas City being in the midwest, and maybe even Omaha, but there’s no way all of the dakotas, nebraska, and kansas are the midwest. If they’re the midwest, where is the great plains?

    I’d say Chicago is the center, with a ten- or twelve-driving-hour circle around it.

  5. Pittsburg? Kentucky? Why not Buffalo and Baton Rouge? Chrissakes….

    On that note, can we give Michigan to Canada?

    I think you are just making up that great plains things. It’s just Montana and Wyoming, the western half of the dakotas and nebraska (yet the entirety of Kansas?).

    My point is that everyone but the edges and mountains calls themselves ‘midwest’. It says nothing about a cultural, philosophical and least of all geographical common idea.

    The Mindasconsiwan Scooter Racing Association just can’t gain any traction.

  6. This is so cool as the Mid Atlantic Scooter racing Commission kicked off 2010 at Sandyhook Speedway on March 27 with a full season of scooter racing also at NJ Motorsports Park on June 6 with NJMINIGP as well as the next date at VIR in VA which is Virgina International Raceway for two days of mini moto racing plus scooter racing on June 26 and 27th. We have kept Circleville circled as well as Beaverun as tracks we can visit and race so Midwest lets get some dates and thrwo down big time, the SRC crew sponsored by scootertronics is full swing and will met up at anytime contact us lets do it. Looks like a new track your way get us an invite we will be there.

  7. I can’t wait til June 12th and 13th to race with Seth! I think it is just a fun way to get out with other scooterists and enjoy a summer day with friends. The drag races were so much fun I think track races will be even more fun! Thanks a ton to Seth for getting us hooked up.

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