2SB World Cup Contest

Update: ESPN’s entry deadline is a bit unclear, but it could be sometime today (Thursday), so ENTER NOW!

We sort of dropped the (Official Adidas Jabulani) World Cup ball this year, since we’ve been so hyped up on the Blackhawks, (see below).

But World Cup season is always a big deal here on 2strokebuzz. If you want to get mixed up in our Quadrennial gentleman’s wager, just sign up for ESPN Soccernet’s World Cup Bracket Predictor then make your picks and join the 2strokebuzz.com group Whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament wins… something. Something good.

Right now, someone–Durso, specifically–is asking “Where’s my prize from 2006?”

If you care to look at my entry, I’ve got Argentina taking it all in an epic Brazil/Argy final. I don’t even like Argentina or Brazil, but the media spectacle of Maradona leading Messi into battle against their biggest rival is too obvious, and in my experience, World Cups lean towards the obvious.

Yes, U.S. to the quarters is wishful thinking, I’m borrowing that wishful thinking from England, who disappoints me every four years. My biggest upset, though, is New Zealand to the second round, just because no one in their right mind would pick New Zealand to win a single match. Aside from that, with Essien, Mikkel, and Drogba out, I’m not expecting many surprises (and I hope Samuel Eto’o is watching his back.)

4 thoughts on “2SB World Cup Contest”

  1. Wow, entries already pouring in! Looks like you can’t see everyone’s picks until the tournament starts, but the trash talking can start now.

  2. Interestingly, it says “Other entries are only viewable after ESPN Soccernet Bracket Predictor locks on Thursday, June 11” Today is Thursday, June 10, so I’m not sure what calendar they’re looking at, but I’d assume that means the brackets lock up late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

  3. I’m way farther behind on music than I am even on soccer. I’m really into this new group called David Bowie. I think the only new-new album I’ve bought lately (as opposed to reissues and used records) is the Hot Rats, which is basically an old band (Supergrass) doing covers of even older music (Kinks, Bowie, Squeeze, etc) and a version of “Fight for your right to party” that sounds like Cream or the Who. Good stuff. It’s like Meta-“Pin-Ups.”


    More on that soon!

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